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Check Point Activities

A check point activity is orienteering with different tasks. The tasks can be based on for ex. handiness, force, cleverness, games, plays, race, and problem solving. The activities and their locations will be tailor-made just for you and your group.

At the check point

Fishing Trips

Waterways: Harvio, Luonteri, Lietvesi, Yövesi, Louhivesi, Paljavesi.
In addition, equipments can be transported to another waterway area chosen by the customer (via the closest launch place of the boat) among others: Puulavesi, Kyyvesi, Päijänne, Vesijärvi.
Juncture: Open water.
Duration: 2 - 7 hours. Recommendation min. 3 hours.
Place of start as separately agreed in advance.
Group size: 1 - 6 persons. Recommendation 4 persons. If 6 persons on the boat, they need to be experienced handlers of rod and reel so that fishing can take place safely.
Level of competence: In accordance with the experience of the group.
Equipment: Fishing licenses, equipments and wear from the operator
Boat: glass fiber open boat 6 m, inspected for 12 persons.
Motor 90 hp, electric motor, echo device / plotter / fish chest.

Please inform us about potential allergies or fobias. Prices include VAT.

Fishing trip prices 2008
Basic fee per trip 275€
+ a fishing hour 70 €
+ a participant (equipment) 36€

Nature trips

How about a relaxing outdoor recreation with colleagues or friends? We offer you rowing, hiking, cycling, canoeing, snowshoeing, skiing, winter jiging/fishing etc. in beautiful Finnish nature.



Do you need more excitement in your life? New challengies? Try climbing, ice climbing, paintball games, driving a snowmobile, winter swimming etc. you'll name it.

Climbing down

Event Production

We design and produce also tailor-made events on customer's needs. One example is the VIP camp services of Vaakuna Rally -race which we have organized already for four times together with Suur-Savo company and Mikkeli Rally Team organization.


Rally man

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