Frequently Asked Questions


Are there some waterproof bags? If yes, how big they are?
> Kayak: Inside the kayak there are waterproof storages, about 120 L (put your staff into the plastic bags). The storages are sufficient for normal six days tour. If needed we'll rent you additional waterproof bags, 30-60 L.
> Canoe: Two 60 L blue plastic waterproof barrels and 70 L red plastic equipment box (30x40x60 cm) includes in the rent..

Fire place. Is this description correct?
> In many camping spots on the tour there is a camp-fire place (grill) with firewood, axe and saw ready to use. You can grill and cook on it.

Why is the transport paid on the spot?
> Transportation is always paid on the spot, because in many cases customers change their plans (dates, times, locations, destinations, etc.) and the weather could change dramatically. Sometimes we use local taxi drivers and they want payments on the spot.

Why you need every group leader name and phone?
> Very often we need to call him/her and ask the pick-up time and place. The guide is always on the move. Sometimes the customers do not show up when they are suppost to and we need to check where they are. And every now and then we need to call while they are on the route.

Canoe Operation service: What is a canoe handyman?
> Handyman alias canoe guide gives you transportation, information, help etc. when needed, mobile phone + 358 (0)500 840 362.

Please give me the exact address of the camp in Anttola?
>Address: Lotjasaari Port, FIN-52100 Mikkeli. How to get there (Google map directions)?

Where is your office/canoes based?
> Our office is often there where the owner of the company is. But the official location and archives, warehouse etc. are located at WildCanoe / Eräkuru Oy, Verkkosaarenkuja 2, 00580 Helsinki. Canoes are at the Base Camp; Lotjasaari Port, Anttola.

Please give me the detailed routes for every trip?
> In fact every route has many different possibilities and when the customers are in WildCanoe Base Camp we always plan the main route together: the best resting/camping places, the sightseeing worth visiting, the possible restaurants/shops/cafes etc. There should always be a plan B in case of bad weather, tiredness etc.

Is it possible that canoeists could leave their luggage in Anttola Base Camp?
> Yes, we have some lockers where you could put your things at the base camp.

How much white gasoline we need for a week tour?
> One litre is enough for two persons for 6 days. You can count the amount like this: 1,5 dl for a day/2 persons. So, 0,75 dl is enough for one person a day.

How evil are the mosquitos in July?
> The answer is: not evil at all. In Lake Saimaa area the mosquitos are not so nasty than in Lappland. And while paddling there will not be any. On the shore if you'll stay near thick forest with coniferous trees there will be more mosquitos. Avoid them! If you are allergic to the stings prepare with the antihistamine and mosquito deterrent.

Is there a chance to stay one night in a blockhouse/shed during the canoetrip on Saimaa?
> There are few bed&breakfast places on Saimaa routes. I recommend Kallioniemi (near Astuvansalmi rockpaintings) where you can overnight in a small shed (sorry in Finnish, but there are nice pictures). In Kallioniemi there are a restaurant, a small shop, two saunas for rent, and other activities like a peasant's museum. To my calculations you could overnight there the second last night of your canoeing trip, because from there it's about 35 km to Anttola Base Camp.
> The other B&B is in Risulahti, about 30 km from the base camp to north-east (that could be your second night). The accommodation is in sheds and they have a sauna to rent, as well.

Do we need a GPS?
We don't have GPS devices for rent, but you could use GPS-maps on the 3G mobile phone. GPS is not necessary, but helps a lot. A basic compass is old-school but very useful in case of phone is not working.

What types of fish are common?
The most common fish is: small fish like small herring, whitefish and perch. The bigger ones are bream, pike perch and pike.